Mr. Boat Man is the protagonist of the CW show, Mr. Boat Man. He is played by character actor Steve Buscemi.

The character is loosely based on real-life Bostonian Patrick Kirkpatrick.

The documentary Mr. Boat Man: Life Over Board is a drama film co-written by Kirkpatrick and stars Nicole Richie and Chris Pratt. [1]


No one knows who he is. He is just Mr. Boat Man.

Season 1Edit

  • Episode 1: We Open on a Small Town in Boston
  • Episode 2: Mr. Boat Man Appears
  • Episode 3: Guess Mr. Boat Man is a Thing, Now
  • Episode 4: The Season Finale is a Musical

Season 2Edit

  • Episode 1: Mr. Boat Man, You Had One Job!
  • Episode 2: Oh No, A Crossover Episode
  • Episode 3: The Gang Gets Gangrene
  • Episode 4: Mr. Boat Man Jumps the Shark

Real FootageEdit

Boats n stuh

Boats n stuh

This is the only known footage of the real-life Mr. Boat Man, Patrick Kirkpatrick.


Mr. Boat Man: Life Over Board [1]

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